Packing Solutions
HoneyComb Paper is an excellent packing solution. It can be used as safety corners or sides. HoneyComb paper is also used to hold different items from moving inside the box such as; electronics, glass bottles, gifts, and other fragile material. HoneyComb paper is considered a flexible packing material and can be cut easily to match the packaged item.
HoneyComb Paper is one of the best alternatives to furniture manufacturers when compared to wood panels. HoneyComb paper is an excellent sandwich panel that can be used inside desktop- surface, doors, partitions, and much more. It is low weight, strong as core, environmental friendly and low in cost. HoneyComb paper is considered a safer solution that makes products light in weight and cause less damage when moved from one place to another.  
HoneyComb paper is cost effective solution for advertising billboards and panels. HoneyComb paper is low weight and strong to hold display items and can be printed to match any product branding guidelines. HoneyComb paper is easy to cut and shape, making it decorative that brings more attention to the display or stand design.
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