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Projector Mount
for your Projector

Huge range of elegant mounts available from KALBOARD technology for any type of projectors.

WDM 120:

  • Short throw aluminum wall projector mount in white color

  • Light Weight

  • Cables can be simply hidden in the pole 

  • Elegant appearance 

  • Ideal for classroom and office 

  • Maximum support: 12Kgs 

  • Adjustable length from 67 cm up to 120 cm


  • Aluminum ceiling projector mount in silver color

  • Maximum support 25Kgs

  • Available in three models: 

  1. CDM 63100: Extension height from 63cm to 100cm ​

  2. CDM 4365 : Extension height from 43cm to 65cm

  3. CDM 001 : Fixed short height

Writing Boards

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